"Jason - you have one of the very best and hardest m/m spanking sites on the internet"
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(21 Nov) Just thought I'd say - have bought a few and enjoy watching them

(11 Nov) Your videos are awesome thank you


(10 Nov)  Love your videos ..

​(3 Nov) I've enjoyed several of your videos now. I'm ordering your new Ben 41 one.  You're pretty amazing. Thanks for what you do.

(1 Nov) Thank you for making the videos you make there is nothing else out there remotely like it.  so fucking hard

(22 Oct) Belmarks Hardest Cold Start is the most exciting prison-style punishment video I have ever watched.  PERIOD.


(12 Oct)  I love how your models are so varied.  Still, one of my favorites is Steve from the Crime and Punishment Video.  None the less, all of the videos that I have from you are so so hot!

(7 Oct) Jason: I just bought Richard Video 1 today.  Hot!  I like how you made him take it, and I liked how he took it.  So creative and very provocative.  I got so turned on

(5 Oct)  I have been receiving your excellent newsletter and normally I would not pay for movies but I just bought three and all I can say is - fuck me - they are haaaard.  I wish I had the money to buy them all.  I guess I will have to build up my collection.  Ben is my favorite so far ///

(29 Sep) The thing I like about your videos is you understand the importance of pushing guys but that this kind of punishment is not just beating a guy in a dungeon but working with him to get what you want and what he needs, even if he doesn't know it!


(26 Sep) Your videos are astonishingly hard and yet not gruesome like some other video producers.  Sharp scenes with great sound.  I love what you guys do - can't believe it took so long to find you!


(17 Sep) I very much appreciate the work of No Way Out and the outstanding quality of its videos over so many years.  There are only few things that are more exciting than these hot young lads getting spanked."

(12 Sep) Thanks for the videos (I've bought 4 so far). Great stuff. Keep it up.​

(28 Aug) light punishment are not my interest, you shoot very hard punishment

(27 Aug) I looked on your videos and yes I agree, you have really awesome punishment ! I totally agree with your philosophy "if it's not hard it's not punishment". It's exactly mine ! ​

(22 Aug) I'm a big fan of your movies

(19 Aug) Just watched some of the Adam clips - the guy is amazing. great belting. He is such hottie would love to see more of him..... :) great ass

(12 Aug)  Great hard videos and good customer service too.  Thanks for helping me choose videos that really got me off :)))


(5 Aug)  When I started watching your videos, I started with the hard ones, then went onto the very-hard ones and now I'm so looking forward to the very-very hard vids.  They must be rock fucking hard because the hard ones are pretty fierce!  Please don't stop beating those asses

(21 Jul) I just ordered Dungeon Pushed Too Far it and watched it.  Truly a fabulous video.  It was tremendous seeing you naked there whipping, strapping, caning and whatever those two submissive asses and they took it and you gave it.

Again, a wonderful video I will treasure and thank you

(11 Jul)  Jason, I have enjoyed watching your videos for years

(24 June)  I'm still loving the videos. When are we going to see Adam riding-cropped or caned?

(19 Jun)  Jason - quite simply the most exciting punishment vids around - FACT

(12 Jun) Ashley is fucking hot and was really getting into it. Definitely a sadist in the making.

(6 Jun) I really like your site and your vids ... Steve is one of my favourites! :)

(2 Jun) Jason - I love what you do.  Some of the best punishment vids around, for sure.  Well done.


(31 May) Very pleased with my recent purchases - well lit, well edited and nice and hard!  I'll be back!


(19 May) I just got the Jacob Hairbrush and Caning Video and it is truly amazing.  It is a total experience and you and he gave it your all.  A really super exciting Caning and I am so glad I have that session in my system


(14 May) Just love your videos


(14 May) No Way Out is the hottest


(13 May) I love your videos! You guys are the best and the whippings are so realistic.


(13 May) thank you very much...i watched it and loved it...wish it was me bound to that table....am going to purchase more clips....

(23 Apr) wanted to say how hot i think your vids are, the recent double session, wow, the game when one cant take anymore so his pal gets the beatings is brilliant and i always like your fully skinned arse close ups, you are a very sexy guy !!


(21 Apr) thank you again for helping me out so quickly and efficiently...real enthusiast of your art


(19 Apr) I very much like your videos ...

(3 Apr) I can't believe how much spanking Ben can take


(2 Apr) This is really a good video [Ben Harry Dungeon 5] as you said. I especially like to watch trainings which are very very hard to take. I have also bought some other videos.

(29 Mar) Jason, I enjoy your videos a lot.  It seems like even though you punish really hard, you have a nice connection between you and the spankee, which i liked ...


(24 Mar) Fuck me!!  What a great ending (to the Dungeon Series)...  You definitely saved the best for last!!  Those asses are ruined!!  Loved it Jason...  Great series :) (Paul, Manchester)


(10 Mar) Jason - just wanted to say, thanks for making such excellent videos.


(8 Mar) You hit harder in these videos than I've ever seen since disc4boys.  Well done.


(2 Mar) I don't know how your guys take it so hard - it's amazing!  Awesome videos.


(12 Feb) I'm so jealous of all your guys - I need a good thrashing myself


(11 Feb) I'm hard just thinking about the whipping Matt takes in Matt Video 3


(10 Feb) The whipping / standing video looks really hot!


(8 Feb) Fuck me!!  I cannot wait!!  Jason you are the best and the dungeon series is so fucking hot I'm loving it!! :))

(6 Feb) My ultimate fantasy is to be trained up properly - by you - to take a good hard belting and a good hard caning


(4 Feb) Hey Jason - great newsletter - that really turned me on ...


(4 Feb) I love your site - if any of your hot rugby guys want to dish it out, please send them my way!

(2 Feb) Loving the new-style newsletter, Jason!




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