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B.M. New York



1 - "Times Are Hard" - Hard Gay Spanking Video

I jumped at the chance to spank this member of the armed services.  He said he needed the cash and I'd be doing him a favour.  He had no idea what was coming.  My goal is to test a guy's limits again and again and to record the action for you.  For me, that is where really exciting spanking action exists.  On the limits.  Straight guys that have never taken before pose the biggest challenge to get over the bench for a spanking and within that, military guys are very highly prized.  Why?  Well, while they are taking it, I guess the belt is cutting across several boundaries including submission, dignity, sexuality and humiliation and that must be difficult for a former soldier.  The flip side is that when you do get an army guy on set, like Benjamin, he is fantastic at taking orders, fantastic at obeying them and you can really enjoy watching his physical and emotional journey.  Said another way, he sticks his lovely bare butt out on command and grits his teeth for a good hard spanking, humiliating as hell.  It's gonna make you rock hard.

Hand, Paddle, Belt - Unrestrained - Hard Spanking


2 - "18 Year-Old Steve Spanked to Tears" - Very Hard Gay Spanking Video

Steve has a great ability to take punishment across his bare ass and now he is going to entertain you again.  Your enjoyment of our videos is best when a guy is at his absolutely limit, but this video has an extra sting in the tail, simply because it pushes Steve over the edge.  Maybe it was the very tricky and humiliating position I had him in, or maybe it was the fact that he knew I intended to break him this time emotionally as well as physically.  Added to that is the relentless punishment itself with nowhere for him to hide in this video.  As his legs slip further apart and the belt hammers down thick and fast, he finally bursts into tears ... just about the same time you're gonna be bursting your load all over the place ...

Hand, Paddle, Belt - Unrestrained - Very Hard Spanking

3 - "Failed Press-Up Challenge" - Very Hard Gay Spanking Video

Adam is a straight guy with an unusual mixture of shyness and confidence.  That is, he appears quite shy but actually seems to take most things in his stride.  Whereas asking some of the guys we train at No Way Out to do certain things might be an awkward conversation, having those conversations with Adam is actually quite fun because his reaction is almost always that he is slightly shocked but he will do whatever is being asked - a great combination.  It's at the limits of what I would ask a straight guy that's not into the fetish to do and in the pre-interview, when I tell him what I have in store for him, his face is a picture.  He's hoping that I am joking.  But this is no joke.  It's time for things to get challenging and humiliating ... really humiliating ...

Hand, Paddle, Belt - Unrestrained - Very Hard Spanking


4 - "Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 5 - Pushed Too Far?" - Very Very Hard Gay Spanking Video

Whenever we ask our customers what they want to see, they overwhelmingly tell us that they want harder Corporal Punishment, more real screaming, more pain, more begging and generally a much more severe punishment.  We think that the spanking and punishment is pretty hard already but the customer is never wrong and so I decided to release the fifth and final part of the dungeon series (a title that I didn't intend to release).  To be clear, these guys have their asses stripped red raw with belts, paddles and canes until they are pleading for mercy.  The question is ... were they pushed too far?  That's for you to decide, but regardless, this action is likely to give you a very very, VERY high quality orgasm ...  just saying ...

Whole Range of Dungeon Punishment Implements - Restrained - Very Very Hard Spanking (Warning)

5 - "James Takes It Hard For No Way Out" - Hard Gay Spanking Video

James is clearly very nervous about his session at No Way Out - embarrassed and shy that he has to resort to this.  I thought that he wouldn’t be great at taking it and he’d be boring to watch.  I’m glad to say I was wrong on both counts.  Under the lash, James is a complete live-wire, suffering fantastically for you.  As I punish him, I can feel my cock twitching … his screaming and anger as he struggles to hold his position … so hot.  You’re gonna love it.  I tell you - for a first session, stripped for the camera and spanked for you guys, he really puts a lot of effort into taking it for you.  You’ll cum long and hard to this video …

Hand, Paddle, Belt - Hard Spanking - Unrestrained