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Wanna cum HARDER to HARDER punishment?

We promise you spanking videos so intense and so exciting that you'll get off *hard* watching them again and again ... AND AGAIN.

Do you find that the action in some spanking videos can leave you a little bit unsatisfied?

Are you disappointed when you watch a so-called punishment video and the spanking is over almost before it started?

Perhaps the action is OK but the production quality is lacking?

Are you looking around for something that you can really immerse yourself in?  Something that will make your heart race and make you cum ... hard?

Jason Striker, founder of No Way Out

My name is Jason and I am proud to claim a very keen interest in male-male spanking and corporal punishment (CP).


I used to trawl the internet looking for good quality, hard punishment videos.  And when I didn't find many that I enjoyed, I bought a camera, got some guys together and No Way Out was born.

That was back in 2009 and since then, we've made some awesome videos.

And I know what you're thinking ... you're thinking yeah yeah - they're not gonna be that hard or exciting. 

Wrong.  And I'll explain why ...

  To me, there's a very good reason why our spanking videos are so much more exciting than others ... and that's because  we look to increase a guy's ability to take punishment over a series of sessions that can last weeks, months or even years.
At No Way Out, we don't just spank guys for you ... WE TRAIN THEM.
Meet one of our many guys - Adam.  Adam is a 19 year-old gym instructor and he came to us with no experience of taking spanking / punishment.
In Adam's first video, I introduced him to what we do here at No Way Out with my hand, a leather paddle and my belt.  It was the first time he'd stripped off on camera and his first time spanked.  His reactions showed a lot of promise.  This video was categorized as 'hard'
In Adam's second video, I introduced him to harder punishment and his first taste of bondage which resulted in a much more challenging experience.  He had never been tied over a punishment bench, his bare ass on display and open to the belt.  Again, he suffered amazingly.  This video was categorized as 'very hard'
In Adam's third video, I introduced him to harder punishment and a more challenging bondage scenario.  I also heaped on more intensity.  The gym trainer is being trained himself!
In Adam's fourth video, I increased the physical challenge and the CP while at the same time putting Adam in the most humiliating position that I could, on all-fours, where there is nowhere to hide.  His challenge was to remain still while he took his punishment.

The difference between No Way Out and other spanking sites is that we train guys to their limits again and again and the result is more exciting spanking videos that will make you cum harder again and again ... and again.

To help you choose, the videos are numbered and categorized as HARD, VERY HARD or VERY VERY HARD.  So Adam Video 1 is Adam's introduction to punishment.  Adam Video 2,3 and 4 are his subsequent challenges.

Can you imagine what Ben Video 48 is like?!?!
"Since I found your site, I have become addicted to it.  In fact, that is an understatement!
Jason, what you do is so much better than the ass whippings on the other sites"
A.K. Sweden
"Just watched all the videos again ... Dude they're fucking hot ... I can't tell you how rock hard I am!"
Paul, Manchester, UK
"Hey ur videos are great.  proper punishment."
spkboy, Denver
  • 1000s of satisfied customers
  • 15 years of experience​ in punishing guys
  • Hard and challenging but sane and controlled sessions
  • Respect and dignity for all trainees ... always
Jason Striker, No Way Out

No Way Out's success is the result of having satisfied customers.  The last thing I want is for you to buy a video, watch it and think 'that didn't hit the spot'.  We rely on people discovering our videos and then coming back and buying from us again and again.


If you buy a video and genuinely don't enjoy it then email me at and I will do my level best to get you a replacement that you will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Can I buy a membership to No Way Out so that I can watch all the videos?

No Way Out is not a big, commercial operation and a membership site would involve posting a new video every week or every two weeks.  Because of the nature of the punishment, we make fewer videos than the lighter spanking sites.

2 - How does the buying process work?

You buy a video or videos via our storefront.  Purchase is instant.  You download the video(s) to keep and that's it.  No membership fee to worry about.  No repeat billing.  Note that we don't ship DVDs or anything like that.  Clips4Sale has been our payment processor since 2009 and are reliable and discreet.  When you purchase videos, you can create an account with Clips4Sale or you can check out as a guestYOU DON'T NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

If you have a crypto wallet or you're thinking of getting one, you can not only buy anonymously and avoid using your credit card, but you can also get big discounts and choose from a larger set of harder videos, many of which have been removed from Clips4Sale because they are too intense.  Click HERE to see the full Crypto Catalog

3 - Can I stream the videos rather than download them?

Yes.  If you want streamable versions of the videos then just buy the titles you want in the usual way and forward me the order confirmation.  I will then provide you with the streamable versions.  The streamable versions play on iPads and phones and everything.

4 - Where do you get your guys from?

We get our guys from the CP fetish scene or we advertise for them.  The guys from the fetish scene tend to be capable of more challenging punishment but some of the guys we advertise for can also really take it.

5 - Why don't you do more over-the-knee punishment?

There are a lot of sites that cater to more gentle over-the-knee punishments.  At No Way Out, we specialize in harder punishment more akin to Corporal Punishment, although we have done several very hard OTK scenes.  Importantly, we aim for restraint (when our guys are ready for it) whereas a lot of other sites do not prioritize that.

6 - What's your hardest / best video?

The Dungeon series starring Ben and Harry is our hardest / longest.  Belmarks Prison Hardest Cold Start is our most severe but was removed from the site in 2022.  Our most popular video (so far) is Steve Crime and Punishment.

7 - Can I be in the videos?

Yes - just email me some details and some photos to get the conversation started.  We celebrate the fetish and so are always looking for guys that are genuinely into it.

8 - Do you offer previews?

Our online store randomly selects videos that show previews and those previews are automatically generated from half way through the movie.  The previews are very short - about 20 seconds.  We don't feel that this can possibly do justice to a 20 or 30 minutes session involving usually a huge amount of punishment.  We provide descriptions and photos and ask you to choose a movie based on those, taking note of the implements used and the severity.  If you are not happy with your purchase, I will swap your video for another one.  Just let me know that you're not satisfied with your purchase right away (and try top explain what you might prefer) and I will personally help choose a replacement video that you will love.



I am always contactable at:


Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

Jason S

Say hello to the guys ...

Adam is a real-life gym instructor and so he understands the concept of being pushed and trained in order to provide you with the kind of videos you want to see.  That you will watch again and again.

 'Adam's reactions are a delicious, cock-hardening combination of apprehension,vulnerability and determination'

Brad  is an actual real-life sportsman and so he brings steely determination to his punishment sessions.  He certainly hates being spanked a lot more than sport which makes it even hotter.


'Brad is fucking hot!  Combining that ass and body with getting his ass beat and you're onto a winner.'

Despite the fact that he dislikes it intensely, Ben has an amazing ability to take very very hard CP and his videos bring a thrilling combination of fear and dignity.  He has fantastic, natural reactions and is trained to perform in long sessions which allow you time to settle in and really enjoy the show.  He'll outlast you, no problem!

'Ben's capability is nothing short of awesome, in the original sense of the word'

Benjamin is ex-army and whenever I see that, it suggests that they could be the type of guy that will make videos that you want to watch.  The type of videos that show a real man, coming to terms with getting a hard spanking.  It's hot ... let's be honest.


'I was not disappointed ... determined guy, stayed on top of it throughout, beautiful body and butt.'

Sometimes it's exciting to train a guy that pushes back, that is not at all impressed.  But sometimes, you want a guy that just says what you want, no questions asked.  It makes it even more important that the trainer is in control because Charlie is giving himself to us.


One satisfied customer said:


'I want to see more of Charlie, the greatest spankee of all.'

Chris brings a lot to the table when it comes to making the best CP videos , simply because his ability to take it is astonishing.  It seems that he cannot explain it himself and is just as squeamish about pain as anyone else in normal circumstances.  When you're looking for something really long and really hard, Chris could be it.

One satisfied customer said:

'Chris apparently has a teflon-coated ass!'

Jacob is young and has an air of timid innocence about him which is very interesting when combined with extremely intense corporal punishment.  Extreme and long sessions are the name of the game, giving you time to enjoy the videos and really get into your swing as I get into mine.

One satisfied customer said:

'Jacob should take his rightful place alongside Ben'

James has absolutely no intention of ever enjoying CP or even trying to enjoy it but pushing through his fear and hatred of getting his bare ass spanked makes for some awesome videos with truly magical reactions which combine frustration, pain and anger.  James will get you going, trust me.


One satisfied customer said:


'James's reactions are powerful and hugely enjoyable.'

When I met Jed and he submitted to me for training, I was pleased - not only because I could bring you some really hardcore, hot punishment, but also because I was on holiday in Australia and therefore had time to really plan his sessions, really push him hard.  Sun, sand and hard spanking.  The perfect holiday.

One satisfied customer said:

'Very nice ass and he can really take it'

There seems to be an unwritten rule that says rugby players should be able to take a beating.  Like most rugby players, Jeff has a tough side and takes his punishment like a man.  But then a softer side, as he has a tendency to start crying like a little girl.  He's very fun to watch.


One satisfied customer said:

'Jeff - O. M.  God.  Where the f*ck did you find HIM?'

John is a bit of a straight 'lad-about-town' and good friends with Tom.  After Tom's training, John wanted to have a go as well and I was glad to oblige.


John will appeal if you like less hairy men, and he certainly made all the effort he could into taking his punishment.  He had to bite down on his own underwear to get through his ordeal.  Poor guy!

John Irish looks a bit scary in his photos. Very well built and I did wonder whether if I belted his bare ass, he might just knock me out.


Luckily, he turned out to be a very strong but gentle guy and I was pretty sure he was going to be good because he has a great, meaty ass.  He's also ex-army and I decided that he was going to take it pretty hard from the get-go.  You will love John Irish if you like real men beaten hard.

Jonny has a 'guy-next-door' look about him.  A trim body and a very smooth, spankable ass.  Unfortunately for him, he is not fantastically suited to having it spanked - it bruises / reddens like a peach.

Jonny will appeal if you like a nice-looking guy who is introduced to spanking, absolutely hates it but re-presents his great ass again regardless.  He is also persuaded into restraint.

I have trained Matt for years.  I used to summon him and beat the living daylights out of him. Weird? Well, yeah, but it worked. He got what he wanted and I did too. Bit like Ben, we became really good friends and still keep in touch occasionally. He can take very hard punishment and is a really masculine guy. I particularly enjoy forcing reactions out of him because he hates to give me the satisfaction that he knows I get from hearing him struggle.

I was intrigued by Paul's worked out body and his bare ass picture which looked sort of sturdy and maybe able to take a good thrashing. I was glad when Paul arrived because he was keen to get on with things, to work hard for the money and he was also very interested in the business, how it worked and everything. Most guys are not interested in this at all and so it was a refreshing change. He also took a belt extremely well for the camera.

Scott is a sensitive soul at the same time as being very laddish / straight. He wears weird clothes and has strange hair and writes poetry - an interesting combination, I thought. The great thing was that he could really take a decent hiding. Clearly hating every second of it, he really came there did that. Just a pity he didn’t buy the t-shirt!

Will appeal to 'regular guy takes it hard' fans.

I met Steve when he was just 18-year-old guy (and I mean literally by 2 days when we first met). An American student. Fine. I thought maybe he can take a bit. But then we did a shoot and I was blown away. Turns out, his dad used to belt him frequently and MY GOD – he could take it. Long and hard beatings are not enjoyed by Steve but certainly endured with vigor.

Steve will appeal to 'young bubble butt thrashed' fans.

Tom is well aware that he is a hit with the ladies, but he came to No Way Out to be hit with my hand, paddle and belt.  In all honesty, I don't think he is great at taking CP but his cocky attitude requires him to be taken down a peg or three and that's the fun part.

Will appeal to 'cocky straight lad spanked' fans.

Will is basically as straight a guy as you will get.  Works on a building site, hairy, amazing body.  So I was pretty pleased when he agreed to train with No Way Out because it shows the journey from someone completely outside the fetish realizing what is involved, getting on with it and delivering the goods.

Will appeal to 'straight guy belted but would probably be a fucking amazing top'.

Zach is a real-life ex-security officer from Russia. Literally, so hot and really quite tough, he was another guy that when I saw his pics – I thought – is he really gonna let me belt his bare ass?! Well, he did. And I have to say, he was perfect to work with.

Zach will appeal to 'steely determination through challenging CP' fans.

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