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Hard, All-Male BDSM Fiction

***** Exquisite Entertainment

"A very very well written book ... the tone, the control, and the suspense of the narrative beautifully describes what this fantasy is like for real ..."

***** A Dark, Well-Crafted Thriller

"Loved it. A dark thriller, and probably the hottest I’ve read. The author paints a bleak picture of the desperation of inmates completely at the mercy of a prison guard with his own agenda.  A real page-turner."

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Hard, All-Male BDSM Fiction


Scott walked as far as he could, arriving at the point where the perimeter wall became too steep to go any further. 

Its simple curves were in stark contrast to the reform unit which he called home - an Elizabethan facade of tall, columned windows and honey-colored stone. 

From this slightly raised vantage point, Scott could see a single-storey, windowless grey structure extending to the side of the walled garden. 

Normally, it was hidden by trees. 

At the time, Scott didn't think anything of it.

**** "Shocker! ... exploded with more angst and violence than I ever expected"

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No Way Out Gay Spanking Blog

From Your Host, Jason


I'm going to show this str8 car thief what it means to be TRULY sorry ... and you're invited to watch : 25th April 2019

Ash goes to great lengths to explain what happened when he effectively stole a car.  In doing so, he almost tries to excuse himself, simply by admitting to it.


Ash is a str8 kickboxer and he comes over as quite confident ... overly so, if anything ... as if what we do at No Way Out is going to be easy.


And that's where there is a correction to be made.  Because we are going to strip this fucker down and teach him a lesson in this awesome gay spanking video.


It's time for Ash to show us how sorry he REALLY is ...

Does Brad Have What It Takes? : 28th February 2019


Brad started out his training in what I would say was a nervous or cautious sort of way.  He took a decent punishment in his first film, but I was really pleasantly surprised when he 'stepped up' to the belt in his second film and took the spanking you all wanted to see.  For his third film, a fan of his suggested the exact punishment and it was fun to see him try to negotiate his way out of it ... and fail.  But did he go the distance?  That's up to you to decide.

Payback Time for the Handsome Lady's Man : 28th February 2019

Most straight guys that sign up for some punishment tend to think that because it's 'gay spanking', it will be easy enough to endure.  If a gay guy can take a thrashing, then surely I can, they think.  It's a lot of fun when they're wrong.  It's my job to make sure they are.  Tom is a good example for you.  He's a pretty confident straight guy, but when confronted with the belt, he soon learns who's in charge.


Luck Can Be Cruel … but Fun : 28th February 2019


You seem to enjoy an add element of luck when it comes to punishment sessions.  Sometimes a pack of cards, in this case a dice - determines the number of strokes, making me only the executioner.  The relationship can sometimes change between me and my trainee as a result.  Because the fate of his bare ass is literally in the hands of the Gods.  And as a viewer, it's almost like you're part of the game.


What Real Fear Looks and Sounds Like : 28th February 2019


The guys we punish at No Way Out are not actors.  I prefer to bring you guys that are 'real' and that are willing to work hard to bring you want.  That's the hot part.  Occasionally, one will ask me - before his session - what he 'should do' during the shoot.  It always makes me smile.  What he should do is get through it and do whatever he needs to do in order to do so.  In Jack's case, the fear he shows is fantastic to watch - a combination of pleading, begging and outright terror.  It almost made me want to remove his gag.  Almost.

The Perfect Muscular Ass In (and Out of) His Football Kit : 21st February 2019


Brad’s first foray into the world of spanking had us all chomping at the bit for more.


And I can’t blame you.  Great body.  Great ass.  First-timer.  All of that.


As usual, I made it clear that if he wanted to come back to do another shoot, I would need something more challenging from him.  YOU would need something more challenging from him.


You’d want to see him perform.  You’d want to see him “Taken to the Next Level”.


Reluctantly, Brad understood that it was time to raise the bar … and turned up in his football gear, as instructed.


Guys … those SHORTS.  That ASS.  Oh my GOD.


Watching this guy take it?  You’re gonna shoot your load all the way into the next room.


Dad Put in the GROUNDWORK : 21st February 2019


I’m always on the lookout for guys that can take a decent thrashing for you.  I know it’s what you want.


Exciting.  Long.  Hard.


When 18 year-old Steve pitched up, I assumed that, given his age, he’d probably take a bit of spanking and I could show you all his ass and that would be it.




What I didn’t know was that Steve had been disciplined by his very own father … and he’d been spanked GOOD and HARD.


For years, Steve was thrashed for various misdemeanors.


It was only when he told me this that I realized … this guy was going to be awesome.  All I had to do was pick up where his dad left off and spank him into next week.


“Steve Takes It Hard for No Way Out” is the first time ever all that work can be enjoyed and Steve is still one of our top 3 most popular guys EVER.


You have to see his bubble butt being punished to know WHY.

Hot Straight and Working Hard For YOU : 14th February 2019


I like to think that I know what you enjoy to watch … what kind of punishment videos get you off.


When Zach turned up, I felt like ringing a fucking bell.  LOOK WHAT I FOUND.


I couldn’t wait to get him stripped off, bent over and thrashed for you all to see.


Zach is very (very) straight and quite serious, the strong silent type.  But inside, I’m pretty sure he was choking on a panic.  You can almost smell the fear on him as he strips off.


I was pretty excited because I know that seeing a hot straight guy thrashed for the first time makes your dicks really hard. 


What I've learned in ten years of disciplining men is that it’s not until you start the punishment that you know what they can take.


Spoiler alert : “Zach Takes It Hard For No Way Out” is hard and hot as f*ck.



A Painful Predicament : 14th February 2019


The video in which Ben is challenged to count out 100 strokes is STILL our best-selling video since the new year.


And so I know your dirty little secret – you like watching GAMES.  You like watching guys trying to beat a system?  While I beat their ass?


But rather than engaging Ben’s brain, “Brutal Training Challenge” engages his strength.  Lift the weights or he’s gonna take it for us … fucking HARD.


And he does really well.  At first.  Holding the weights up and gritting his teeth.  But luckily for us, there comes a time when he just can’t hold on and the weights start to drift downwards.


Shame … because when those weights clank to the floor, the belt starts slicing through the air.  And that’s bad news for Ben.  But good news for us.


And of course, all he needs to do to have a break is to lift them up again.  How hard can it be?


As it happens … F*CKING hard.  Haha.


Stick Your STRAIGHT Ass Out! : 7th February 2019



Adam is definitely one of your favorite guys of all time and it’s not difficult to see why.


A perfect mixture of shy and proud, he always takes his punishment like an absolute trooper.  But he has work to do now because …


This time I have an extra special, painful and humiliating challenge for you and for Adam in “Thrashed In The Saddle” … it’ll get you panting at the screen.



I’m gonna make Adam straddle the punishment bench, pulling those cheeks wide apart, good and tight … and then he’s gonna take a WHOLE LOAD of ass beating.


He doesn’t know it, but the tighter skin across his ass cheeks will make for a MUCH more painful experience … but it’s too late now … no going back … and you’re going to be hard as a ROCK on this journey with Adam as he literally CLINGS to the punishment bench, dealing with it all.



With NOWHERE for Adam to hide, you can immerse yourself in the sight and sound of his lovely ass shaking and his furrowed brow … anticipating each and every stroke.  You’re gonna blow your dirty load over it!!

How Did I get HERE? : 7th February 2019


Luckily for you, I like to take straight guys that are completely new to the fetish.  To break them in.  Then subject them to harder and harder punishment.


I know you enjoy watching them go through the process of offering themselves.  It’s because it’s so UNNATURAL to them that it makes your cock so hard.



While Jonny is “Over The Bench” in this video - his first time in bondage - he’s wondering HOW it got to this point.  How it got the stage where he’s ASS UP, BALLS OUT, about to take the hardest punishment he’s ever received.



I can tell you that getting guys (especially str8 guys) that are not into the fetish to do this kind of thing takes a significant amount of time, energy and patience.


Luckily for you, it’s all packaged here in this shoot … all you have to do is sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW.  And shoot!

Ticking ALL Your Boxes? : 24th January 2019


When I’m looking for guys to entertain you with their attempts to take punishment, I have a number of things that I’m looking for.  And when I say I’m looking for them, what I really mean is that I know YOU’RE looking for them.


While people obviously have individual tastes with regards to guys, the check list that I run through in my mind is (in no particular order):


1 – A good body and a nice ass

2 – Handsome face / good-looking

3 – Willing to be spanked by another guy even if he is straight

4 – Preferably new to the fetish and new to making movies (a first-timer)

5 – Brings an open mind, willing to do what it takes to please you

6 – Determined to take harder and harder punishment, with repeat visits, if necessary


Now, normally, I’m happy with 3 or 4 of these.  In Brad’s case … he has them ALL.  And I can’t wait for you to see the result in 18 Year-Old Brad First Time Spanked …




Pushing the Limit ... UP


As well as sourcing new guys for you to enjoy, I know you also like to see me dedicate time to my frequent performers and usually, pretty near the top of that list is BEN.


Ben provides a challenge for me, in many ways, because what I want to bring you is something new and exciting, something that really pushes his limits … and mine … which means you have more exciting action and a better orgasm as a result.  Maybe even more than one.


So I’m adding something new to Ben’s thrashing session, pegging out his balls for you before I get into making those cheeks bounce.  I’m really hoping that the pegs shake and ripple with each stroke.

I find that often, the combination of the belt and the grinding sting and burn of pegs, can really mean a great vocal performance and if you know Ben, you will know that he can be on fine form.  His screams really make my cock twitch.


One of the great joys of training Ben is that no matter how bad things get (and they usually get pretty bad), he tries to maintain his dignity and even throws in some back chat.  That always makes me laugh because in his position, it’s best not to question.


Although when he does, it only means it’s time to put him in his place and that means a whole lot more fun for YOU.



Your Favorite Video This Week


This video is STILL our best-seller ... and for good reason, in my view.  Because New Year 100 Challenge is choc-full of fun and games.  Fun and games for YOU, that is.


For those of you that enjoy a 'pre-agreed sentence', this video will appeal.  Actually, it's not so much pre-agreed as pre-decided ... by me.  But I hadn't fully appreciated how difficult it would be for Ben to achieve.


It is only 24th January and so I think you should start your new year by cracking one out to Ben's increasingly desperate attempts to complete the challenge.  He was practically blubbing and begging by the end ...


Want More?  Want Harder?  Want More Exciting?  You're in LUCK


We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.


All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.



Let It All Out : 17th January 2019


I know that what gets you off is punishment videos that are not only HARD, but more importantly EXCITING.

What do I mean by that?  Well, there are lots of videos out there that are hard … but without the reaction, without the human element, they can sometimes feel a bit ... well … meh.

I want you to watch one of our punishment videos and be like ... that was awesome.  Like you can feel each of the strokes, like you’re on the journey with the guy across the bench.  Like each stroke matters … like it’s YOUR bare ass getting trained.

And so, we have handsome James in Hard Bench Spanking… who is embarking upon his second adventure for you … this time restrained.  I think it’s safe to say that he’s absolutely TERRIFIED, but when the punishment starts, his reactions are so fucking hot that I don’t show much mercy.  It's just too much fun.

His angry and determined suffering will have you panting over load after load … after LOAD.  Let it ALL OUT …


Fire It Up ... HARD



One of the most exciting things about running No Way Out is that new prospects really can come out of the blue.  Prospects that make my heart race a little bit.  Because I know you’re going to LOVE them.

Enter Jacob … 24 years old and literally in town for a day.  And based on the photos he sent, the way that he was talking about No Way Out and how he was looking for something hard … I thought to myself … I HAVE to get this guy around and THRASH the living daylights out of him for you.

He didn’t even hesitate when I suggested THREE separate punishment sessions in ONE DAY.  Well, I wanted to make sure we left him with right impression, right!?  You know, to make it worth our while … I wanted to explore his full range of abilities for you.

I am SO excited to bring you a truly awesome THRASHING trilogy … starting with this very appropriately-named Baptism of Fire.  How Jacob got through this, knowing that it was only the first of three films, I will NEVER KNOW …  You’re gonna crack out to this SO MANY TIMES that you’re gonna be exhausted too …




Your Favorite Video This Week



You like your games, don't you?  Because New Year 100 Challenge is choc-full of fun and games.  Fun and games for YOU, that is.


Maybe it's the sadistic side of your character that allows you to ENJOY something so much at someone else's expense.


This video almost made me feel sorry for Ben.  I say ALMOST.  He screwed up so badly that I was going to let him off.  But then I thought of you watching, cock in hand, on the brink of an even better orgasm if I pushed Ben that bit further.


Sorry Ben ... I had to see this one through to the end.  And what a FINISH ... It's tough at the top, mate.  TOUGH AT THE TOP.




Want More?  Want Harder?  Want More Exciting?  You're In LUCK



We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.  All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.  Come in and browse around or better still, reply to this email if you need any help.  Thanks for reading! Jason


>> see more

Hold On Tight! - 10th January 2019


You might not have really thought about it, but you are part of a very exclusive group of people.  A group of people that knows and understands the joys of giving, receiving or watching male-male discipline.  And I know from your feedback that when you actually watch No Way Out videos, you can feel as if you’re in the room.  Maybe you’re helping me dish out the punishment … maybe you’re the one strapped down.  Maybe it’s YOU that’s providing the entertainment.  In the My Buddy Watches Me Punish Bare Ass series, I invite my buddy Rich around to see how we do things around here.  To see how I’ve turned disciplining Ben into a sport.  So now, the challenge is to put on a great show for BOTH of you.  And let me just say, you’re in for a hell of a ride …



Is This Some Sort of JOKE? - 10th January 2019


I know that you enjoy watching straight, masculine guys pushed to their absolute limits.  So when this dishonorably-discharged, muscular straight army guy became an opportunity for me to punish for you, I jumped at the chance to see how well he could take it.   I consider it my job to take guys like this and not only strip and spank them, but to completely dismantle their dignity with increasingly hard punishment across their bare ass.  When I took him through everything that was going to happen, he said ‘Is this some kind of joke?’  The great thing about guys like this is they’re too embarrassed, too proud to show their weakness and so John grunts and grits his way through a whole host of pain in Humiliating Army Punishment.  If a strong guy thrashed to his limit is what interests you then you’ll be cracking out loads to this video for some time.


Your Favorite Video This Week - 10th January 2019


You durrrty bastards!  Yet again, you're favoring absolutely rock hard thrashings that go on and on and on.  In Dungeon Discipline (part 5 of 5), two guys have their asses stripped red raw with belts, paddles, straps and canes until they are pleading for mercy.  The question is ... were they pushed too far?  That's for you to decide, but regardless, this action is likely to give you a very very, VERY high quality orgasm ...  just saying ...


Want More?  Want Harder?  Want More Exciting?  You're In LUCK


We've been hand-spanking, belting, caning, whipping, flogging, paddling, prison-strapping bare asses for nearly ten years.  All our punishment sessions are categorized by implement and severity.  I'm pretty sure we have some punishment videos that are gonna make you cum hard.  Come in and browse around or better still, reply to this email if you need any help.  Thanks for reading! Jason


New Year is a time for recommitting to life goals, to what is good for you.  In Ben’s case, one of his main goals is to take a huge amount of punishment from me.  Now, no-one can argue that Ben isn’t great at taking my belt, but I wanted to see if he could rise to a new challenge which engaged his mind as well as the usual punishment that he was used to gritting his teeth and howling through.  The results of this exercise really blew my mind ...




Chris is able to take a very very hard beating and he is one of the few guys that I train where my ability is tested as well as his.  I have to bring my A-game in terms of accuracy, severity and stamina because his limit is very very high.  It's not often I put a suit on to administer CP but I do find that when I do, there's an extra punch to each stroke.  He’s not gonna know what hit him …





I was amazed when Scott came back to No Way Out because he really didn't enjoy his introduction to bare-assed punishment at all.  As it turns out, he's very very determined.  Despite knowing that he would be punished harder than last time, he just buckled down and got on with it.  To the extent that he could in his humiliating position, he did his best to earn my respect ...





Richard takes a severe and sustained hand spanking which is unusual for No Way Out where spanking is often just a prelude to real CP implements.  Without bragging, I spanked the ass off him.  Double-handed strokes pounded down on his bare ass until it was red raw.  There's a surprise at the end for him too.  I love surprises, don't you?

What a Treat : 27 December 2018

I am full of admiration for guys (straight guys) that are willing to try something completely new and rather than going to work on a local building site, they come round and take punishment across their bare ass.  They don't usually come back again, but just for that short time, we can enjoy watching them adjust to their surroundings and deal with it all.  Great fun. (Will Video 1)


This is pretty Humiliating ... : 27 December 2018

Not only having his bare ass beaten hard with a prison strap, Matt endures the ultimate humiliation by being forced to watch his own punishment in a huge mirror.  Great reactions and filthy hard CP / bondage.  It meant that while I was beating his ass, he could see each stroke coming, and also - I got to enjoy each expression on his face.  For Matt, this is usually a combination of shock, surprise, pain and anger.  Yum.  (Matt Video 4)

The Penny Drops : 27 December 2018

After a brutal introduction to the delights of the dungeon in the first film, a grim realization sets in for our two victims as they learn that things are only just starting and the punishment is going to be long and hard.  Five films.  And each one will be more challenging than the last.  (Ben and Harry Video 2)

Time to Really Train This Guy ... : 27 December 2018

Most of you may not know that like a gym training regime, I like to increase the extent to which a trainee is challenged.  Adam (a gym instructor himself) is no stranger to the concept of gritting his teeth and buckling down to some extra heavy sets, each with additional reps.  (Adam Video 2)

Happy Holidays (Except for Ben) : 20th December 2018

In Ben’s case, I am going to give his bare ass an extremely hard time and he is going to give me (and all of you) a gift – which is to gasp, scream and shout for all of us in the way only Ben can.  His stuttering screams are legendary, after all.  I think the holidays should be a time to reflect on the year that’s gone by but also to go out with a BANG.  In this case, that BANG is provided by a very, very serious wooden paddle which has Ben howling.  And I just can’t resist making Ben’s lovely ass the centerpiece it deserves to be by making it into my own version of a festive, holiday candle.  It's even his birthday too.  The surprises just keep coming in this festive firecracker of a video.  Whatever you’re doing for the holidays, from all the guys at No Way Out, I want to thank you for your support during the year and to wish you all a fantastic holiday and a safe and prosperous New Year! (Ben Video 40)




This Finally Brought Steve to Tears : 20th December 2018


Steve's come a long way since his first shoot and he shows us what he is capable of taking in this third film which sees him give in to the pain and humiliation of it all at the end.  Steve didn't even come back after this shoot.  I think that for him, he just couldn't take anymore.  But he did himself proud and the spankings his father used to give him stood him in very good stead for the type of punishment we dish out here.  He can hold his head high, in my view. (Steve Video 3)





Athletic Dedication : 20th December 2018


This probably represents Brad’s final film with us. He was tempted back by the enhanced fee payable from a client who had a specific request for him to be pushed with longer and harder sets of paddle, belt and the cane. This film is much longer than most because it contains a very detailed discussion at the beginning with Brad about the terms of his punishment and exactly what he is expected to endure. We talk through everything in great detail. He is clearly nervous, in particular about the number of strokes of the belt and the cane, which is a new experience for him. But he is keen to get his hands on the cash and so reluctantly agrees to the terms which I negotiated on his behalf. Like a true sportsman, his endurance is a joy to watch as that perfect ass glows increasingly red and sore. Brad certainly earned his place in the No Way Out Hall of Fame with this one. (Brad Video 3)





What His Father Taught Him : 20th December 2018


Steve spent a lot of his youth in Louisiana and in hot water. His father used to belt him frequently. When he left home at the age of 18, he found himself in debt – going out and drinking too much. Now he needs to pay his friends back and that is where No Way Out comes in. Steve has a great ass for punishment – a perfectly smooth, young bubble butt. And because he has got a head start in terms of his experience, I wasted no time in teaching him a lesson, pushing his boundaries. This is a very harsh re-introduction to the rigors of a good hand-spanking, paddling and belting. The belt cracks across his bare ass and I make him earn every penny, he really suffers. One of our most popular videos of all time. (Steve Video 1)

Pant-Ripping Fun : 6th December 2018


One of my favorite things is to beat a guy, then rip-strip him, then beat him bare.  Such a good way to warm a guy up.  In this video, Ben gets rip-stripped and endures a hard spanking which keeps him guessing and you can feel the tension in the air.  See some rip-stripping and spanking action in 'Football Thrashing Post-Match Training'



Breaking Ben : 6th December 2018


Ben is a pretty tough nut to crack and over the years, we have had a lot of backchat and quite a few standoffs in the punishment room.  In some ways I respect Ben for his bravery because in nearly all the cases, he's not in a very strong bargaining position.  Sometimes, he has to do and say things he just doesn't want to do and say.  Because it pleases me.  See Ben reduced to begging in 'Beg Me to Stop'


Offering Himself : 6th December 2018


Jed agreed (somewhat nervously) to a three-day, intensive schedule of punishments and after breaking him in on the first day, I wanted to see him really submit to me.  To stick his bare ass up and out, really humiliate him.  Then thrash him hard.  See how he copes with it all in 'Jed - Three Days of Hard Punishment - Day 2'


Making Him Cum : 6th December 2018


After all the punishment Jed took over three days, I wanted him to blow his load all over the floor, ideally at the same time as thrashing him.  It took a while for him to give me what I wanted, but we weren't going to stop until he was completely spent.  See Jed thrashed and drained in 'Jed - Three Days of Hard Punishment - Day 3'

Time to Perform for You : 22nd November 2018


Adam the gym instructor is back for his fourth visit to No Way Out and this time I have something special for him to endure and for you to enjoy.  I explain to Adam that he is going to have to show us 50 press-ups on the floor, naked.  If he fails to impress me then he is not only going to suffer a considerable ass beating in front of you, but also to suffer the humiliation of being placed like an object on top of the table while he receives the punishment.  It's at the limits of what I would ask a straight guy to do and in the pre-interview, he laughs nervously when I tell him what is expected of him.  I think he's hoping that I am joking.  But this is no joke.  There's nowhere to hide.


Crime and Punishment : 22nd November 2018


I know that some of you enjoy hearing what guys have been up to - perhaps things they regret - and taking a nice hard punishment for it.  It helps to get them to bend, because they feel as if there is a reason for it.  That their crimes will be forgiven if they take a spanking across their bare ass.  Even if they don't feel comfortable, you certainly feel comfortable watching them explaining their crimes and then squirming their way through the subsequent, humiliating ordeal.  If they're looking for an excuse to bend, for some sort of redemption, then what I'm looking for and what I know you're looking for too, is a good-looking guy with a great ass, taking it hard for the first time and not enjoying it one little bit.  Tick tick tick.


The Darkest Hour : 22nd November 2018


They say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn, but in this 5-part thrashing video, the dawn is slightly delayed by my enjoyment of bringing you some of the hardest, longest and most filthy CP action available anywhere.  Long-handled paddles, belts and martinets hammer down on bare asses to screams and shouts which verge on begging at points, but the action doesn't let up.  These two guys are pushed and pushed hard for you.  The only respite is in exchange for a nice, ball-bouncing blowjob before it's back to pounding their asses hard.  There are so many toys to play with that I wasn't sure if the dungeon series would be 5 parts or maybe 10.

This Is What You Need : 22nd November 2018


Chris is able to take a very very hard beating and he is one of the few guys that I train where my ability is tested.  That is, I have to bring my A-game in terms of accuracy, severity and stamina because his limit is very very high.  It's not often I put a suit on to administer CP but I do find that when I do, there's an extra punch to each stroke.  He is going to take a lot of powerful strokes and you can watch him deal with every single one of them.  Only moments later, his legs are kicking to the sound of screaming, wailing and sobbing, trying to cover his ass with his hands.  No Way Out, Chris.  No Way Out.

Spanked 4 Pay : 8th November 2018


One of the things I know you enjoy is watching a straight guy stripping off for possibly the very first time on camera, the look of humiliation as we take our time to examine his body closely from every angle.  I like to make sure you have time to take it all in and that he has time to consider that he is about to be spanked hard on camera.  The look on his face as he thinks to himself 'what the hell am I doing?'  And a look of almost disbelief as he bends over and gets spanked by another guy.  If that floats your boat then you're going to love Jonny.


Thrashed Raw by Hand : 8th November 2018


If you have watched many of our films then you will know that I favor implements, particularly the belt, to get my message home.  Nothing says it like a prison strap, in my opinion.  But I also like to remind you and my trainees that I don't need the implements to spank an ass raw and what you want is longer, harder punishment sessions that you can really lose yourself in.  If you like the idea of a really long, vicious hand spanking that takes an ass from blemish-free to red raw then you are going to love Richard's performance in this video.  I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting out in pain and humiliation.  It takes quite a while to get the result I want – more punishment for you to enjoy.


This Helps You Take It : 8th November 2018


I like to help guys get through their ordeal, or rather, I like to do whatever I can to bring you harder and harder punishment.  So, if I think that a guy is struggling, I usually offer him something to bite down on like a piece of rope or a sock.  It means that he can focus on that while I bring you the very hardest punishment that he can take.  Paul has a really ripped, defined body and I'm very proud of the way he works with me to take what I need him to take.  His smooth bubble butt is right where it needs to be ... and by the end of the session, I'm planning for him to have nearly bitten the rope in two.  Hold on tight, here it comes.


No Turning Back Now : 8th November 2018


I don't often do pre-agreed sentences because those of you who have bought my films before, i like to beat an ass long and hard if it needs it and I don't like to be restricted to the sentence.  When I get into it, I like to keep going and I know that's what you enjoy too.  In Kirk's case, however, I wanted to try a pre-agreed sentence and it was kind of hot negotiating it, especially since I had never beaten his ass before.  The negotiation started with much lower numbers but I got him up to 50 of the belt and 25 with the prison strap.  No warm-up, absolutely no outs.  Two things I learned about thrashing Kirk : the first is that tight, strong restraint is pretty important and secondly, peaches bruise easily.

Raising the Bar : 1st November 2018


We differ from some other "spanking" sites because our videos tend to feature harder punishment which goes hand-in-hand with restraint and implements such as canes and prison straps.  This means that sometimes, I have to push guys to take harder punishment.  A great example is Brad.  He'd never been spanked before coming to No Way Out and on his second shoot, I made it clear that he had to take harder punishment if he wanted to come back.  It was time to raise the bar!  Brad turns up in his football gear as instructed. Although he is dreading it, he seems to accept that taking harder corporal punishment will improve his stamina, focus and general discipline.  This is the real deal - genuine, young, handsome guy reluctantly about to be trained, understanding what must be done to please you.  That fantastic ass of his is going to be thrashed hard.


Breaking Down a Soldier : 1st November 2018


Punishment doesn't come harder than in the military where the strokes are powerful and given with the intention to dominate and humiliate.  You can feel this soldier's determination not to give us the satisfaction we seek, by holding out, by remaining stoic.  Matt puts up a real fight, a proud fight, but with paddles and then two belts cracking down on his bare ass at the same time and prison straps standing by, it's incredibly exciting watching this guy's attempts to maintain his dignity as he is challenged again ... and again ... and again.  As he bucks around on the frame, you have to ask - how long until he breaks?  Great to see a real, strong guy thrashed hard.


Dad Lays the Groundwork : 1st November 2018


A very popular question is 'What is your best video?'  Well, it's difficult to say without knowing what you like to watch, but what I can say is that our most popular video ever features Steve who has his bubble butt spanked, paddled, belted and caned.  Luckily, Steve has a lot of experience in taking a spanking from his father and so it makes for an exciting performance as I find his limit and then keep him right on it.  Steve wows us with how he deals with everything we throw at him and at some points, he must have wondered if it was ever going to end.  I totally lost myself in the excitement of beating Steve's ass and I'm pretty sure you will too.  No wonder this title is our best-selling video ever.  You will love watching this youth getting some sense knocked into him.



Pushed Too Far? : 1st November 2018


Whenever we ask our customers what they want to see, they overwhelmingly tell us that they want harder Corporal Punishment, more real screaming, more pain, more begging and generally a much more severe punishment.  We think that the CP is pretty hard already but the customer is never wrong and this particular film was not initially released because of its severity.  We are talking about two guys subjected to hard belting, paddling, very hard caning and a vicious martinet stripped.  Their asses are stripped raw until they are begging for mercy.  Were they pushed too far?  That’s for you to decide.

Caned to Your Climax : 25th October 2018


As you may know, I do not use the cane extensively and so when I do, I like to go all out.  I start off with a smaller, snappier cane and it is really great fun cracking it across the cheeks of Jacob's bare ass which are perfectly positioned over the punishment bench.  Despite that, when I start administering sets of five and ten, he starts trying to wriggle away, but he's tied down tight and he's not going anywhere.  I enjoy caning his bare ass so much for you ... he suffers fantastically.  This video is exactly why I started making my own punishment videos - I really wanted to show you more intense, longer canings which, in this case, go on until Jacob's ass is completely shredded.  I don't stop until I am satisfied - until you have had plenty of time to satisfy yourself.  Not before.



Defiant or Compliant? : 25th October 2018


I am interested to understand what makes someone need to submit to hard punishment when, in the moment, they really don't enjoy it.  It hurts like hell.  Chris is one such trainee.  He is able to take a massive amount of punishment and finding his limit can take time.  This session is no exception ... I will take him to hell and back for you and once I start, there is no out.  He can call me a bastard, he can try to get away, push my hands away, beg me for a break ... none of this is happening.  What's happening is that he is going to take every single last stroke.  Hard caning, belting, carpet-beating, the works.  But even then, he defies me by asking for more strokes - something he surely regrets when I assign him 100 of the cane.  This guy is a great workout for us.



Winter is Coming : 25th October 2018


I'm used to the sounds that Ben makes when he is dealing with my belt or my straps and so every now and then, it's fun to use a new implement - like these fresh cut switches.  I instructed Ben to go out to his local woods and choose a selection of fresh branches which he then pared and presented to me.  I like the idea of him gathering the very branches that will soon be challenging him in the punishment room.  I carefully select three firm but pliable switches and get going.  Ben is shocked by the pain as they slice down on his bare ass, making an awesome swishing sound.  They really are fun to beat ass with and judging by Ben's reactions, they sting like hell.  Listening to Ben scream louder than ever just makes chasing those cheeks around even more fun.  No escape.



Full Frontal Nerves : 25th October 2018


Spanking straight guys for the first time is part of the job here at No Way Out.  What I notice is that the straight guys can get competitive.  John is good friends with Tom and all eyes are on him to see how much punishment he can take.  He is also worried about being naked full-frontal.  It's almost like he's more worried about that than the punishment.  I am always clear with these types of guys that in order to be paid their fee, they must take a good thrashing.  As he strips down, he looks extremely nervous.  He has no idea that only minutes from now he's going to be biting down on an old sock as I belt his bare ass.  Maybe he will take this as a wake up call and get a proper job.  Brace yourself, John.

Bubble Butt Pushed to Breaking : 11th October 2018


Steve has a great ability to take punishment across his bare ass and he has entertained us by putting his bubble butt on the line again and again.  I wanted to show you his limit because that is where the really exciting footage is made - when a guy like Steve is pushed to the very limits of what he can take and, for the first time, breaks down.  It's the perfect opportunity because Steve has once again been up to no good and so I spell out to him what the repercussions of his behavior will be - namely that he will be punished until he breaks down completely.  And to make sure that the punishment is as humiliating as it is painful, I put him in a very tricky position for him to hold which sees his legs wide apart.  There is nowhere to hide from what is coming his way.



Because It Pleases Me : 11th October 2018


Jed bravely enrolled himself in a three-day marathon of spanking and CP training and you are invited to watch the action.  His skin is as soft as butter and those same soft cheeks will learn to take a huge amount of punishment.  To please me.  To learn respect for my belt.  After being thoroughly spanked over the table and in the humiliating wheelbarrow position, Jed is then belted hard across his bare ass because I am in no mood for joking around.  I want to thrash him hard and I grab his balls and pull them tight, manhandling and repositioning his perky bubble butt in between sets of punishment.  His ass is just begging for a good hard beating.  I have to admit, it is pretty tough for a first session.  You are going to love it.


Good, Hard Things Come to Those ... : 11th October 2018


I love beating Ben's ass.  What I love even more than that is to take my time over it.  There's no rush, is there?  I like to start by punishing him over his underwear, to get me warmed up, get him warmed up ... and to remind him that even with the safety, the protection his little tighty-whities offer, I can get some great noises out of him.  Of course, he is only just beginning to deal with it, to get to grips with the pain when it's time to remind him of that this is No Way Out and we punish on bare.  He seems genuinely shocked and afraid, quite a bit of shouting, as I rip-strip his underwear off roughly.  His ass is in the perfect position for me to start chasing it around the bench with my belt and then a cracking great whooshing prison strap.


A Day to Remember : 11th October 2018


It is hard for me not to get carried away in a dungeon environment.  Long-handled, wooden paddles, belts, whips, straps, vicious multi-caned martinets.  It's all like a red rag to a bull.  Luckily for these guys, there are two of them side-by-side so they are going to have to work as a team to take what I have in store for them.  Perhaps there is some rivalry between them because they are such good subs, taking everything with a mixture of pride and fear.  Pride and fear which soon gives way to delicious screams for mercy.  Now I have them where I want them, I intend to get my money's worth and anyway, the place is rented out for the whole day.  It is a day of truly awesome punishment, rock-hard punishment that I will never forget.

Workout : Initiation : 4th October 2018


When Adam first sent me photos of him in the gym where he works, bare-chested, I immediately said I was interested and asked him for a pic of his bare ass.  When he responded and said that he was interested in learning, up for being challenged, I knew that I could bring you something really special.  There are quite a few parallels between gym training and CP training.  Both can be painful but rewarding, each have their own limits and the session can be measured easily enough in sets and reps.  When I spoke to Adam on the phone, I explained that what we needed to do was very similar to a good, hard workout.  With his nervous but can-do attitude, he was soon ready to show us what he could take.  The mixture of pain and fear on his face will really get your heart racing.  Time to really train the trainer.



Playing to the Gallery : 4th October 2018


One of my drinking buddies, Rich, knows about No Way Out and one time over a few beers, he confessed that he had an interest in watching me punish a guy.  I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to train Ben and so I decided that I would arrange for Rich to witness one of his training sessions.  What I didn’t know was that although I have a tendency to challenge Ben pretty hard, I took things to a new level when Rich was there.  Call it playing to the gallery – call it showing off.  Regardless, I laid it on hard and fast for Rich in order to show him how we do things around here.  We sank a few beers in between training Ben and we had a laugh at his reactions which I saw in a whole new light.  Rich helped choose the implements and direct the punishment, he even spanked Ben for a while.  You’re gonna be rock hard and panting while you watch this high intensity sadistic punishment session.


Going Over the Line : 4th October 2018


I'm in the mood for hard punishment and this next guy is gonna get thrashed, you are going to love it.  Richard (not my mate Richard but my trainee Richard) is great fun to punish because he has these great yelps and gasps of surprise.  It's like he interprets each stroke, manages them one at a time.  It makes for a very exciting punishment session.  His ass also turns a darker shade than most, showing some fantastic effects of a long belting.  But it's also the first time I use the prison strap on him and let's just say, it takes him by complete surprise.  His reaction is fucking fantastic because it wasn't exactly pre-agreed.  Other than when he's biting down on my belt (which now has teeth marks in it), I make him count out the strokes as he receives them.  Absolutely filthy hard video.


Tricky Customer : 4th October 2018


I get contacted by a lot of guys that want to be trained.  Some of them seem to think that they can come round and start dictating what I should and should not do.  The thing is, if you want and need to be trained by me then I make the rules.  I have no interest in training a bossy bottom.  For this reason, Sam got a whole lot more than he was bargaining for when he came round for a session.  A little bit jumpy and nervous, I decided that what he needed to calm him down was tight bondage and relentless, bare-assed punishment.  Half an hour later when I was shouting at him to present his ass properly, my foot holding the bench in position as he tries to get away from the onslaught ... that's when I think he realized what it means to be punished at No Way Out.  This one needs quite a bit of training and today he is going to please me even if it takes all day.  Come on Sam. Feet nice and wide, ass up, just fucking take what's coming like a good lad.

Always the Quiet Ones : 27th September 2018


Scott is a quiet, reserved guy.  The type of guy that I am surprised to see signing up for an on-screen spanking.  But sometimes a lack of real understanding of what is involved, or a real need for some extra cash brings straight guys who surely have no experience of the fetish to be standing on set, preparing themselves to take a thrashing.    I get him to explain what he thinks is going to happen to him, even though he finds it hard to say it out loud.  It's kind of hot.  Then he strips down and, although clearly humiliated by what he is about to submit to, shows us what he can do.  And I can tell you that considering he is new to this, his performance certainly does not disappoint.  Sometimes, quite often in fact, a guy's ability to take a good, solid punishment is a complete surprise.



Rock Hard Filth : 27th September 2018


Matt is quite a tough cookie and prefers not to show how much he is suffering.  But it's important to me when I'm training a guy that the punishment is not only hard, but also that it is producing the reactions that I know you all enjoy.  For guys like Matt, it can take extremely hard punishment and a level of humiliation to really break them.  Tied over a table top, his head pulled up and back so that he is forced to watch his own beating.  This is where Matt finds himself for a stern session of bare-assed punishment which includes the prison strap among other implements.  As for his reactions, he deals with it as best he can, but there are some fantastic gasps, roars and breathless screams that make this one of the dirtiest, grittiest punishment sessions I have ever had the pleasure to record.

Pegged Out for Punishment : 27th September 2018


What hurts more than hard CP? Not much when I'm doing the belting, but I like to challenge Ben to something new and different each time I train him.  To get those cheeks bouncing, to get him really shouting the place down.  So I decided to peg his balls too, to see how he coped with it. He has 6 painful pegs attached to his balls and then I slowly take off my belt and beat his bare ass hard with it.  Ben does his best to maintain his dignity, tries his best to take each stroke like a man, but he learns that backchat is not advisable when your ass is literally on the block.  Man, I love watching those pegs bounce and jostle as the belt cracks down again ... and again ... and again.


Raising His Game : 27th September 2018


I've been training Ash to beat bare ass hard. In this movie, a second, much harder part following on from the last film, he continues to work his way through the full variety of kit. He seems to particularly enjoy using the riding crop and the flogger.  He seems to be getting Ben's full attention, but I want to show him how with some hands-on teaching.  Ash is visibly shocked at how hard I thrash Ben's ass in a series of demonstration strokes.  Ben is angry that I have hijacked the session, so I hand the reins back to Ash with a mandate to raise his game.  Although hesitant at first, he is clearly excited at the prospect of beating Ben harder and after I confirm to him that he can go all out, the competitive athlete in him comes out and he really starts enjoying himself.  As for Ben, well, things are about to get very serious.


His Dad Trained Him Real Good : 7th August 2018


Steve spent a lot of his youth in Louisiana and in hot water.  His father used to belt him frequently.  When he left home at the age of 18, he found himself in debt – going out and drinking too much.  Now he needs to pay his friends back and that is where No Way Out comes in.  Steve has a great ass for punishment – a perfectly smooth, young bubble butt.  And because he has got a head start in terms of his experience, I wasted no time in teaching him a lesson, pushing his boundaries.  This is a very harsh re-introduction to the rigors of a good hand-spanking, paddling and belting.  The belt cracks across his bare ass and I make him earn every penny, he really suffers.  One of our most popular videos of all time.


A Dish Best Served Cold ... and Hard : 7th August 2018

I have spent enough time beating Ben’s bare ass for us to have a strong relationship.  In many ways, it gets stronger with each stroke.  But this film was shot at a time when I was genuinely angry with him.  At a time I felt I needed to put him back in his place because he was getting far too big for his boots.  And so we have one of the longest and hardest punishment films we have ever made.  Hard paddles, belts, straps and canes fly through the air for more than 40 minutes.  If that were not challenging enough, I insist that Ben pushes his ass up and out in order to receive punishment - each and every stroke.  He will not get confused as to who is in charge in a hurry.


Spanked Red Raw by Hand : 7th August 2018


If you think hand spanking is just a light warm-up for naughty bare butts, check out Richard spanked until he ass is red raw.  I have given Richard a good thrashing before, but I wanted to remind him that I do not necessarily need paddles and belts to punish him.  I spank him (both hands at the same time, sometimes), for 25 minutes non-stop until the punishment is so powerful that he is lunging forward on his bench, shouting in pain and humiliation.  It takes a while to get the result I want – an ass that has been hand spanked completely raw.  But I love using the belt so much that I just cannot resist the temptation to lay it on over the top.  Nice and hard, of course.


Str8 Guy Striped Red : 7th August 2018


Zach is a young Eastern European, ex-military guy - stern, straight and strong.  He has reluctantly decided to submit to No Way Out, to earn extra money.  During the shoot, while he is stripping off for us, he has second thoughts continues and you will be so glad he did.  His body is masculine, some chest hair but when he reveals his ass, I cannot quite believe my luck.  It is perfectly round, smooth, soft and just begging for a hard spanking.  He has never done this type of thing before and so you can see his face as he struggles to come to terms with it, physically and mentally.  He takes my hand, the paddle and the belt long and very intensely for you, jolting and bucking around, cursing and swearing through gritted teeth.  It is pure joy to watch, he suffers fantastically for you and is barely able to look at the camera by the end of his ordeal.

Hard From the Very First Stroke - 7th June 2018

I've had quite a few emails this week about the Dungeon Series.  The dungeon series is probably one of our most popular series of videos ever and it's for this reason that it's almost always in the top sellers list.  I think that there is a tendency to see a series such as this (the dungeon series is 5 videos) to assume that the action really only heats up towards videos 4 and 5.  I'd like to assure you that right from the get-go, the action is incredibly hard and exciting.  In many ways, the first video, the first opening strokes with the belt and a huge wooden paddle are probably some of the most challenging moments.


Str8 Guy Kicks Up a Fuss

I still get a lot of guys approaching me either to do a paid shoot or because they want to explore their need to take hard CP.  Either way, a great attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the footage in the can is what I am looking for.  In the case of James, he really makes me proud because he's not an experienced CP-taker (nor does he really want to be).  He makes a hell of a noise so if you like guys screaming as their bare buttocks are punished then you'll love James.  He's a lot of fun to watch.


Here To Help

I've had a few emails this week from people wanting to know which video to buy if it is the first time they have bought anything from No Way Out.  I think it depends.  I have to know the type of thing you are looking for in order to answer that question - like the kind of guys you like, preferred implements, severity.  If you give me this information then I will be glad to make some suggestions for you.  My aim is to get you a video that you will watch again and again and again.  There's a guy in Colorado that's watched Jason Takes Revenge so many times that he told me he's glad it's not on a tape, because he'd have worn it out three times over.


No Way Out Does OTK

Chris has an amazing ability to take hard punishment and his fourth film is certainly no exception.  But whenever he reports to me for punishment, he's always desperate to get spanked over my knee.  It's not something I do very often, but seeing as afterwards he's going to take an absolute thrashing almost purely for my enjoyment, I'm happy to oblige.  But I never said it was going to be easy.  I can still make him scream and shout even when OTK.  Afterwards, I belted him so hard, walking that line where he was just on the edge of what he could take, occasionally screaming out that he can't take any more.  But of course, he did.  Because he's taking it to please me.


Strapped in for a Day of Hard Discipline - 24th May 2018

The great thing about paying for a dungeon for a day is that I can relax and take my time thrashing these two guys - use all the equipment on the walls (and trust me, there's a lot of it).  The relentless punishment extended to five films packed with bare asses being punished with everything from evil wooden paddles to belts and canes.  All I can say is it's a good job that place was sound-proofed.  The guys kicked off big-time.


No Way Out - Literally

Kirk is a sporty American that I met up with in Miami with the sole intention of beating his bare ass ... hard.  Unusually for me, we pre-agreed a sentence for him which after much negotiation was 50 belt and 25 prison strap, no warm-up and no out.  Once out of his football outfit, I restrained Kirk to a table and then proceeded to convert his blemish-free ass into something similar to a blackened peach.  His trembling and pulling on the restraints really made my cock hard.


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