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Our videos will make you ROCK HARD ...

Real implements used effectively will make you cum like a train ...  I'm always surprised by the number of spanking sites out there that seem to think that real implements are a "nice-to-have".  To me, they're an essential requirement for good CP / spanking videos.  Whether it's a trusted belt or a freshly-oiled Canadian prison strap, the implements we use at No Way Out lead to better, more exciting spanking videos and that, in turn, will see you salivating over the action again and again ... and again.  

"I'd like to say your work is insanely good and exciting, your videos are very rare on the Internet and it's really enjoyable to have access to such hard and long punishment."

N.D., San Francisco, CA

... and CUM like a TRAIN

Although not all our videos feature restraint, No Way Out prioritises it.  Restraint represents the giving up of control.  The transfer of power completely to the top.  And therefore, it represents an important acceptance of the fact that the spanking will end not when the spankee wishes it to, but when the spanker decides he has had enough.  Once restrained, it's too late.  There's no way out.  Restrained spanking will make you cum hard again ... and again ... and again ...

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